31 Tricks & Treats for October 2014

In Honor of the Centennial of Martin Gardner's birth (October 21, 1914), we have collected Thirty-One Tricks and Treats for you: Magazine articles, new and classic puzzles, unique video interviews, and lots more. Click on an image, or choose from the list below!

Martin B+W Photo of Martin coutest Gabe Fajuri. Severed Hand Mosaic Baseball Oct Sci Am
NYT NumberPlay Xword Puzzlium
K Puzzle Word Puzzles OMNI 74G4G7
Dr Matrix (iMessage) green Magazine Cover Mock Turtle
Patterns Sci Am covers Books
Balloon Cube Meister animagram
Speller Tricks donky wontons? Thinkys taffy
Randi and Martin Jim Gardner at G4G11 BINGO! CSI Squared Square
OCT 1 WED A Centennial Celebration of Martin Gardner (Scientific American)
OCT 2 THU Kalamazoo K puzzle, a new puzzle to tease your brain!
OCT 3 FRI Squaring the Square, a fresh look at a classic Scientific American column!
OCT 4 SAT A Gardnerian Centennial, by Max Maven, in Genii, Oct 2014, p.31
OCT 5 SUN A Photo-Mosaic Using Covers of Martin Gardner Books by Dana Richards — from Gathering 4 Gardner 8, Mar 2008
OCT 6 MON Martin Gardner's Curious Speller — from M-U-M, Jun 2007
OCT 7 TUE Critical Point Celebrating the Mind — Bob Crease in Physics World. What happens to a balloon in an accelerating car?
OCT 8 WED PATTERNS II — A fun, rare game based on inductive reasoning, from November 1969 Mathematical Games
OCT 9 THU Martin Gardner and Baseball — Martin and Casey, at the Bat!
OCT 10 FRI The 74G4G7 Puzzle — by Michael Tanoff. Play with paper, or use plastic to make a Hex-A-Hexa-Plexigon!
OCT 11 SAT Dr Matrix meets Owen O'Shea a G4G11 paper by Owen O'Shea.
OCT 12 SUN A Gardner's Dozen — Martin's Scientific American Cover Stories
OCT 13 MON 13 Omni-potent Puzzles — from Scot Morris — OMNI Games book
OCT 14 TUE Martin's Long Affair with the Square — by Stuart E. Anderson
OCT 15 WED Martin Gardner: In His Own Words — A video from 1994 gets a new audience! (14 minutes)
OCT 16 THU Top Ten Martin Gardner Card Tricks by Max Maven
OCT 17 FRI 100 Martin Gardner Wordplay Headscratchers
OCT 18 SAT Martin Gardner's Mathematics Articles
OCT 19 SUN In Honor of Martin Gardner's 100th birthday, by James Randi
OCT 20 MON Thinky the Dragon, a Jerry Andrus / Martin-Gardner-inspired illusion from ThinkFun™


Martin's 100th Birthday!

Scientific AmericanA Centennial Celebration of Martin Gardner

Included in the above article is this quiz: How Well Do You Know Martin Gardner?

NYT NumberPlay BlogRemembering Martin Gardner with Scott Kim, by Gary Antonick, 20 Oct 2014

NYT NumberPlay BlogMartin Gardner: The Three-Card Swindle with Persi Diaconis, by Gary Antonick, 13 Oct 2014

PlusFive Martin Gardner eye-openers involving squares and cubes

BBCMartin Gardner, Puzzle Master Extraordinaire

GuardianCan you solve Martin Gardner's best mathematical puzzles?, Alex Bellos, 21 Oct 2014

Center for InquiryMartin Gardner's 100th Birthday, Tim Binga

Scientific American blogTop Ten Martin Gardner Scientific American Articles 21 October 2014

Wolfram blogMartin Gardner's 100th Birthday, Ed Pegg Jr, 21 October 2014

Top Ten Martin Gardner Non-Card Tricks — Max Maven

Happy Centennial Birthday Brainteasers! by Aziz S. Inan, EE Professor, U of Portland, Oregon

OCT 22 WED Martin Gardner: Reviewer — a new compilation!
OCT 23 THU Tales plus Q&A about Life with Armand T. Ringer — Martin Gardner's son Jim at G4G11 in Atlanta, Mar 2014
OCT 24 FRI Puzzlium — Three special new Celebration of Mind 2014 puzzle offerings from the Grabarchuk family
OCT 25 SAT Mathemagician Crossword — by Dana Richards.
OCT 26 SUN Skeptical Inquirer onlineIn Celebration of Martin Gardner, Oct 2014.

Free access to over a dozen of his columns, including:

  • Oprah Winfrey: Bright (but Gullible) Billionaire
  • Bill Maher: Crank and Comic
  • Bobby Fischer: Genius and Idiot
  • and so on!
OCT 27 MON New Gathering 4 Gardner → Videos!
New Celebration of Mind → Videos!
OCT 28 TUE NYT NumberPlay BlogIgnited by Martin Gardner, Ian Stewart Continues to Illuminate, by Gary Antonick.
OCT 29 WED Huffington PostTop 10 Martin Gardner Books (This List Goes Up to 11), By Colm Mulcahy
OCT 30 THU Top 10 Martin Gardner Alter Egos
OCT 31 FRI Certain Glory Marks Martin Gardner's CentennialCard Colm completes 10 years!
OCT 32+...

The Stragglers

These Tricks and Treats just kept coming!

Martin honored with a Brick!

The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry Memorial Courtyard added bricks to honor columnists Martin Gardner & Massimo Pigliucci.

Martin was a Columnist for SI from 1983 to 2002

Meanwhile, over on Martin's typewriter....

A R M A N D  T  R I N G E R

M A R T I N   G A R D N E R
Do you like card tricks?
No, I hate card tricks.
Well, I'll just show you this one.
He showed me three.

                     — Somerset Maugham, Mr Know-All


Don't worry.
never strikes twice
in the same

                     — Billy Bee